6 of the Biggest CCaaS Vendors in 2021

6 of the Biggest CCaaS Vendors in 2021

Contact centres aren’t just an expense reserved for larger companies anymore.

No matter how large or small your organisation might be, a contact centre gives you the freedom to connect with your audience, build your brand reputation, and earn recurring revenue.

One of the biggest challenges for today’s companies, is figuring out how to keep your contact centre on the cutting edge when customer service trends are constantly changing. For instance, Microsoft found that 66% of companies are already using at least 3 channels to connect with their clients. What’s more, customer expectations around contact centre performance are higher than ever.

CCaaS, or Contact Centre as a Service, could be the key to aligning your contact centre to the changing needs of your customers. With CCaaS, you have the freedom to add functionality and unlock new opportunities at the touch of a button.

Here are some of the biggest CCaaS vendors to consider in 2021.

Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive delivers an omnichannel contact centre solution for email, voice, webchat, and social media channels, all perfectly organised into a single pane of glass. Well-known around the world for sensational reliability and performance, Enghouse Interactive’s CCaaS offering provides everything from Microsoft Teams integration to chatbot functionality.

You can equip your customers for simplistic self-service, through a powerful range of automated features and AI. What’s more, Enghouse partners with many of the leading technology providers on the market, including Avaya and Cisco, so you shouldn’t have any trouble integrating your contact centre to your phone system.

If you’re looking for an end-to-end environment that’s easy to use and packed with disruptive features, then Enghouse has you covered. Enghouse has seen some significant growth lately thanks to the company’s use of WebRTC to make video-based contact centre support easier for businesses of all sizes.


More than just an innovator in UCaaS, RingCentral also offers a full suite of cloud solutions for the contact centre too. Now more impressive than ever since their recent partnership with NiceInContact, RingCentral’s Cloud Contact centre is comprehensive, easy to use, and brimming with integration options. You can unlock connections to your CRM system, analytics for call quality, and even agent performance management.

One area where RingCentral really stands out is with its collaboration functionalities. You can create a backend environment where teams can connect through video and instant chat about a range of consumer challenges. Another strong point of RingCentral is its ability to ensure fantastic call quality for users all around the world.

Agents on RingCentral can access full file repositories for information on the business or track down valuable data fast through support from bots. The CCaaS solution from RingCentral also frequently updates to offer new features and functionality. RingCentral achieved some of the highest growth for the work anywhere era in 2020. It’s currently the fastest growing provider in the North American market report too.


Promising a comprehensive CCaaS solution explicitly coded for the cloud, Talkdesk is all about flexibility and growth. With Talkdesk CCaaS, you can access a huge range of powerful features, including click-to-call functionality, AI integration, and multi-level interactive voice response systems. Talkdesk users will also have the freedom to easily connect their Contact Centre to a range of tools that they already use, such as Google, Zendesk, Salesforce, and many others.

Talkdesk’s immersive cloud contact centre provides an end-to-end environment for delivering unforgettable customer experiences. The CX cloud also features analytics and insights, so you can track where you’re missing out on opportunities for growth or look into factors that affect customer or workforce engagement.

Talkdesk’s intuitive environment works well on a range of devices, making it a top choice for hybrid and remote teams. What’s more, you can adapt your cloud contact centre to suit the unique needs of your business. Talkdesk recently raised $143 million in series 3 funding and has been investing in new innovations for communication and customer service since.


Five9 is one of the market leaders in the CCaaS environment according to industry analysts like Gartner. It’s also a company dedicated to making excellent customer service easier for companies of all sizes. The Five9 CCaaS environment is completely omnichannel, so you can meet your clients on the platforms best for them.

One of the things that makes Five9 so compelling as a CCaaS company is its flexibility. There are tons of flexible open platform APIs and integrations to choose from, as well as workflow integration, analytics and reporting, and a host of workforce optimisation features. You can integrate with your CRM and implement predictive dialling for outbound calls. There’s also support for self-service functions.

Five9 provides global voice and excellent customer support opportunities on a sensational scale. With everything you need in one environment, you can start churning out more meaningful moments for your clients in no time. Five9 reported a massive increase in revenue for its contact centre functions in 2020 by 34%, to a record of $112.1 million.


Frequently refereced by the Gartner Magic Quadrant as a leader in CCaaS, 8×8 offers a highly customizable contact centre environment to suit a range of companies. Delivered through a partnership with AWS, the 8×8 cloud contact centre can drive scalable communications worldwide, with a level of reliability and quality you can trust.

8×8’s global cloud infrastructure makes it easier to meet your customers wherever they are, without compromising on things like call quality or performance. You also get the benefits of an immersive and intuitive backend for your employees wherever they are, even those working remotely.

Like many of the leading contact centre providers in the cloud today, 8×8 works hard to bring all of your communication investments together in the same aligned environment.

This means that you can easily connect unified voice, chat, video, meetings, and analytics in the same place, for an end-to-end view of customer service. 8×8 recently made the “Challenger” position in the Gartner magic quadrant for 2020.


Dialpad is another market leader for CCaaS solutions, dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experience to companies from all backgrounds. Dialpad can show you everything you need to know

about calling information with immersive dashboards, and analytics. The company also offers smart routing and smarter agents, with access to behind-the-scenes contextual information. For remote workers, Dialpad has also made it quick and easy to get online today.

Throughout 2020, the Dialpad brand innovated with support for same-day deployments, so that companies didn’t have to shut down their contact centres for long. Companies can roll out an immersive agent experience across all environments, with access to agent monitoring and live listening, as well as real-time agent feedback, so remote employees never feel out of the loop.

Dialpad’s state-of-the-art interface also comes with a host of customization options to suit your workforce, so you can make the experience as comfortable as possible for them.

Investing in CCaaS For Your Business

CCaaS is a valuable investment opportunity for companies who want to take their strategy in the cloud to the next level. Offering an ever-flexible way to deliver sensational customer service, CCaaS ensures businesses of all sizes can succeed in a changing landscape. However, it’s important to ensure that you have the right provider to support you.

Which CCaaS company will you choose?

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