6 of The Biggest Players in UCaaS for 2021

6 of The Biggest Players in UCaaS for 2021

Unified Communications as a Service is one of the fastest-growing cloud-based solutions in the digital landscape. In fact, according to Metrigy, UCaaS is the most widely adopted infrastructure for communications.

Though the shift into the cloud environment has been on the horizon for some time now, the events of 2020 pushed countless companies to accelerate their journey. Today, we all need communications systems that are accessible from anywhere, flexible, and scalable.

Moving into the post-pandemic age, the biggest players in UCaaS will be the companies most capable of driving quick innovation for businesses of all sizes.

Let’s explore some of the most compelling UCaaS providers of the UK today.


Available both in the UK, and around the world, RingCentral has made a name for itself as a true cloud pioneer. This growing UCaaS provider sits at the top of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS and frequently earns the attention of analysts like Forrester too.

With RingCentral Office, business leaders can unlock an ever-scalable solution for cloud communications and collaboration. The comprehensive selection of features includes everything from SMS texting and instant messaging to comprehensive call management, Unlimited users and calls to local contacts, and automatic call recording.

RingCentral integrates with leading products like Microsoft Teams and Google, plus, you can unlock high-level solutions like visual voicemail, phone system administration, and multi-level auto attendants for an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for modern collaboration tools, CRM integrations, or real-time analytics, RingCentral has something for everyone.


Another UCaaS innovator with a strong presence in the UK, Mitel’s UCaaS offering is the immersive MiCloud Connect, a state-of-the-art cloud system that sets companies up for fantastic teamwork, and stronger communication experiences. Mitel has built a strong presence in the UCaaS environment through reliable service, a wide range of hardware integrations, and market-leading integrations.

Unlike other UCaaS innovators, Mitel can offer support to businesses of all sizes, whether you’re a smaller brand, or a growing global enterprise. If you’re not ready to move your full system to the cloud yet, Mitel can support hybrid migrations at a pace that suits you. Plus, you can integrate with everything from Salesforce to Outlook.

With a rich selection of features to explore, like SIP trunking, built-in VPNs, and an enhanced range of call recording and routing systems, Mitel has it all. Even with this wide feature set, the system is easy to use, intuitive, and perfect for any modern company.


Among the top providers of cloud-based solutions for modern communication, 8×8 is a market-leader, and an innovator in all things UC. Offering highly customisable packages of UCaaS products, 8×8 ensures that businesses of all sizes, from all industries, can access the technology that’s right for them. As a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and fantastically flexible vendor, 8×8 is a great choice for anyone making their way into cloud.

8×8 supports unlimited global calling packages, as well as SMS. You can also set your system up for compliance with the latest guidelines in your industry. With advanced monitoring and analytics tools, it’s easy to track call quality consistently too. 8×8 offers everything from audio and video conferencing to IVR self-service for your customers, and native CRM functionality.

Available both in the UK and around the world, 8×8 ensures that you can consolidate all of your needs for business communication into a concise and well-organised environment. There’s remote desktop control, messaging over SMS and instant chat, extensive VoIP service, and so much more.


Vonage is a fantastic UCaaS company offering everything modern companies need to digitally transform their tech stack. You’ll have the freedom to explore dozens of UC and voice features within the Vonage platform, including a collaboration service “Vonage meetings”, to keep remote teams connected. Vonage also has its own dedicated app centre for easy integrations.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to build an omnichannel communication system, Vonage makes it quick and easy to upgrade your approach, with a scalable environment to suit you. There’s also the added benefit of a highly reliable infrastructure that maintains excellent call quality for you and your customers.

Features range from follow me and call forwarding, to call monitoring, spam shielding, virtual receptionists, dynamic caller ID and even automated SMS messaging. Vonage also easily connects with many leading solutions like G-Suite, Microsoft 365, and Salesforce CRM. You can even enjoy the same simple functionality on a smartphone or desktop.

Microsoft Teams

It wasn’t until recently that Microsoft Teams earned its position as a genuine UCaaS solution for people all throughout the UK. A global company with sensational flexibility, Microsoft Teams has earned the position of “Leader” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS. Within Teams, you’ll find endless tools for collaboration, including file sharing solutions, as well as audio and video conferencing.

Calling functionality is available either via Microsoft dedicated business calling plans, or you can add your own provider through direct routing. For those who need a flexible approach to UCaaS that seems tailor-made for the age of hybrid work, Microsoft is an excellent choice. You can choose the PBX provider that suits you and unlock communication and collaboration an environment that feels familiar to your team.

Aside from standard UCaaS functionality, messaging, file sharing, and conferencing, Microsoft Teams also comes with access to all of the Microsoft 365 productivity suite. There are monitoring and reporting capabilities built-in, access to recording and compliance features, and even support for CCaaS functionality. You can also enjoy extensive integrations with leading hardware and software, as well as enterprise-level security.


Finally, Cisco is probably one of the best-known communications in UK communication. With a global presence and an amazing commitment to innovation, Cisco goes above and beyond to ensure exceptional UCaaS. Known for building a powerful environment for cloud-based collaboration and communication, Cisco is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and one of the top companies investing in AI technology today.

UCaaS from Cisco features everything you need for sensational business performance, including Webex Teams, for collaboration, and Edge calling functionality. Users can choose from a range of

deployment options, including hybrid cloud and on-premises solution. There’s a Unified Communications manager platform where you can keep track of all your technology and build a true omnichannel environment. Cisco also supports Immersive unified communication apps for mobile workers, global presence, and integrations with world-leading support desks, CRMs, and more.

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