AI Vendor Focus: 8 Companies Innovating in AI

AI Vendor Focus: 8 Companies Innovating in AI

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm. In the last couple of years alone, the AI landscape has exploded, introducing new algorithms and technologies, from large language models, to generative AI chatbots. Now, around 35% of global companies are using AI, and almost 50% are planning on implementing intelligent technology into their business operations.

For companies investing in digital transformation, there are countless ways to unlock opportunities with AI. The right tools can transform your contact centre strategy, helping to deliver better service to customers and drive brand loyalty. Other solutions can boost team productivity, bridging the gaps between distributed workers and driving more efficient meetings.

There are even AI tools that can help boost the security of your business, optimise technology performance, and reduce operational costs. Today, we’re looking at just some of the top vendors in the technology market, delivering the power of AI to business leaders.

8 Incredible Vendors Leveraging AI Technology

While there are countless impressive companies using AI in the tech landscape today, we’re focusing primarily on vendors offering cloud services, and solutions for unified communications, connectivity, contact centers, and security.

All of the vendors mentioned here are partners of Techgrants, meaning we can work with them to get you the best deal on your new technology. Plus, you can even access the AI features offered by these vendors without spending a fortune, using our digital transformation fund.

Let’s dive in.

1. Dialpad

Dialpad is a true innovator in the technology landscape, focusing on bringing AI to all aspects of the business communication stack. The company offers a comprehensive AI-powered customer intelligence platform, that combines AI sales insights, with contact centre tools, AI meetings, and one of the world’s smartest phone systems.

With Dialpad, companies can unlock new levels of collaboration between distributed teams, with generative-AI powered UC tools. Users can ask for advice from a generative AI assistant throughout their workflow, summarize meetings in seconds, and even use AI to translate and transcribe content.

Dialpad also has its own AI sales centre, which includes AI-generated playbooks to boost conversion rates, score cards for intelligent quality assurance, and an AI-driven coaching hub. All of these tools work together to give sales professionals an edge when prospecting and engaging customers.

Plus, the comprehensive Dialpad AI contact centre is packed full of intelligent tools, from Dialpad’s revolutionary AI CSAT system (for insights into customer satisfaction), to customizable AI bots for 24/7 customer service.

2. Five9

Another UCaaS and CCaaS vendor embracing the potential of artificial intelligence, Five9 is both a leader in the Gartner CCaaS Magic Quadrant, and the Aragon Research Globe. The company offers companies a huge range of AI solutions, starting with its intelligent contact centre, which uses AI to help route customers to the right agents, and provide real-time coaching to agents.

The Agent Assist AI tool can drive employees towards the correct business outcomes, offering insights into customer sentiment and next best action guidance. Plus, the Intelligent Virtual Agent allows companies to add their own customised AI bot to their contact centre space.

The agent uses generative AI to deliver more flexible, creative, and human responses to consumers. Plus, it can even communicate with customers via voice. It also ensures handovers to human agents are seamless, with contextual, intelligent transfers.

To help companies draw data from their processes, Five9 also offers access to AI powered insights, covering everything from contact and conversation analysis, to sentiment analysis. Users can even build their own report flows, with a no-code workflow solution.


NICE is a next-generation contact centre company, offering access to one of the world’s most exciting generative AI toolkits. The Enlighten AI portfolio, custom built for contact centers, comes with a host of powerful tools for customer-focused business leaders.

There’s the Autopilot AI assistant, which can be customised to suit your brand voice, that guides customers through self-service experiences with personalised recommendations.

NICE Copilot offers agents an intelligent source of support in the flow of work, with real-time summarisation, coaching, and suggestions. NICE also offers access to generative AI tools that can automatically summarise conversations and meetings, or route customers to the best agent based on profile data.

Plus, NICE created a powerful AI CSAT solution, that helps businesses learn more about customer satisfaction, without relying exclusively on survey responses. There’s even the “XO” toolkit, which allows users to build their own AI experiences within the NICE platform.

4. LevelAI

LevelAI is making waves as an up-and-coming innovator in the customer service landscape. Named a “Gartner Cool Vendor” in 2023, the company offers an innovative suite of AI and LLM applications, designed to revolutionise the customer experience and empower service teams.

With LevelAI, companies can access a secure, customisable generative AI agent, capable of responding to prompts, serving customers, coaching agents, or summarizing content. There are AI tools which help to pinpoint important metrics and trends in workflows, ensuring companies can make the most of their contact centre resources.

Companies can even use artificial intelligence to setup custom QA scorecards, and provide employees with intelligent insights into their performance in real-time. The company can also assist with voice of the customer insights, automatic speech recognition tools, and custom AI models.

5. Zoom

Offering solutions for the contact centre, unified communications, webinars, events, and productivity, Zoom is a true market leader in the technology landscape. Like many of its competitors, Zoom has infused AI into everything from its contact centre routing tools, to its meeting software.

With Zoom, companies can access AI-powered meetings, with built-in transcription, summarisation, translation, and even video and audio editing features. Zoom also offers dedicated AI solutions for sales teams, such as the AI Revenue Accelerator application.

Plus, in 2023, Zoom introduced the world to its new “AI Companion”, an assistant similar to Microsoft’s Copilot, which assists individuals with various tasks. This technology is available for no extra cost on every Zoom plan, and offers access to a comprehensive AI assistant that can answer questions, generate content and even create images for whiteboards.

Plus, Zoom’s AI tools also come infused with its new Zoom Docs feature, a modular and open-platform where individuals and teams can work together on shared projects through the web.

6. PCI Pal

Innovative security software company, PCI Pal has been experimenting with the benefits of AI for a while now. The company offers a range of solutions designed to support agents, improve compliance, and minimise risks in the business landscape. For instance, PCI Pal’s speech recognition tools use AI to automatically authenticate customers based on unique voice recognition capabilities.

The PCI Pal Agent Assist solution utilises artificial intelligence to automatically secure transactions in the contact centre, ensuring that sensitive information doesn’t reach agents and other team members. The tech company even offers an AI-driven conversational payments feature, which can intelligently adapt to individual preferences, and deliver tailored product recommendations to customers.

PCI Pal works with leading conversational AI technology partners like Converse360 and PolyAI to constantly upgrade and enhance its feature set and product portfolio. Plus, the company’s tools can integrate with a range of other AI-powered solutions for business analytics, reporting, and compliance.

7. Samsara

Similar to PCI Pal, Samsara is a cutting-edge technology company that leverages the power of artificial intelligence for security. However, while PCI Pal focuses on securing payments, Samsara offers companies tools that allow them to improve employee safety on the roads, track equipment, boost efficiency, and reduce fuel costs.

Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Samsara has created a range of powerful tools for business leaders, including their connected operations cloud, with AI-powered reporting tools, dashboards, and company insights. They also offer AI-enhanced equipment monitoring tools, and solutions for building driver workflows to boost productivity.

Samsara can even help to strengthen fleet operations, with AI cameras that deliver safety reports, in-cab alerts, and driver coaching to employees on the move. With Samsara’s developer AI tools, OEM integrations, and app marketplace, companies can even customise their AI journey.

8. Equinix

Equinix is an internet services and connectivity company that uses artificial intelligence in a variety of ways. First, the company empowers other businesses and developers to launch their own AI strategies, with private AI cloud infrastructure. The solution gives businesses access to an environment where they can retain full control over their sensitive and proprietary data when investing in innovation.

Already countless companies are leveraging Equinix’s connectivity tools to take advantage of its cloud agency, global reach, and low-latency interconnection to the world’s networks. Elsewhere, many of the services and solutions offered by Equinix feature their own AI capabilities.

The Network Edge solutions offered by the brand utilize AI to help ensure excellent synchronisation and availability based on network demand. There are smart tools included in Equinix’s data centre services tool, such as the “Smart View” solution for real-time infrastructure monitoring.

Start your AI Journey with Techgrants

All of the vendors mentioned above are leveraging AI in unique ways to help businesses accomplish more with less. Whether it’s helping to drive better customer experiences and reduce churn, improving employee productivity and efficiency, or boosting business security, each of these vendors has something powerful to offer.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits that AI has to offer in your business technology stack, reach out to Techgrants today for help choosing the right vendor, or check out our intuitive comparison matrix. Alternatively, if you need help funding your AI initiatives, contact us about our revolutionary digital transformation fund.

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