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we’ve partnered with a wide range of vendors and act as a deep resource in helping our users find the right solutions. Before proceeding, however, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are two types of platforms we specialise in. Below, we’ve focused on one of these types – Contact Centre as a Service also known as CCaaS.

What is CCaaS?

There’s no denying that your business is unique and, as such, will often face unique problems which require equally unique solutions. Vital to any business’s success is customer experience solutions that combine disciplines, streamline services, and enable your workforce to deliver top-notch customer service. This is where CCaaS comes in.

Contact Centre as a Service, or CCaaS, refers to a solution in which you pay for contact centre functionality on a subscription basis from a vendor. Through CCaaS, you can easily connect with customers all around the world through multiple channels, including voice, video, and text, without having to pay for complex initial installations.

As a fully independent firm

we have no preferences with regards to products and solutions, so we’ll never push a particular platform or try to get you to sign up for a service that you don’t need. Furthermore, you’ll still be able to contract directly with your chosen vendor. Our aim is simply to provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge so that you can make an informed decision regarding your next provider.

Customer experience platforms share many benefits in common with UCaaS.

  • Easy to Install and Implement
  • Reduces Start-Up and On-Going Costs
  • Improves Overall Customer Experience
  • Streamlines Operations
  • Scalable
  • Allows for Redundancy
  • Supports Software Integration

However, the two types differ when it comes to functionality. CCaaS platforms usually come with a robust set of call centre features. While UCaaS is more focused on internal and back office communication, CCaaS is designed more for direct customer interaction, making it useful for customer-facing environments.

Here at Techgrants, we’re pleased to have partnered with many highly respected CCaaS brands, including Content Guru, TalkDesk, NICE CXone, Five9, and Puzzel.

Why choose Techgrants?


We’re always impartial – we’ve no allegiance to any vendor, instead offering advice without bias based solely on the facts.


We’re 100% focused on UC and CC technology, and our vendor relationships and industry knowledge reflect this.


We streamline your vendor switchover, removing any obstacles and even co-funding up to 100% of the setup costs.


We foster trust by keeping our clients’ needs at the forefront of our efforts and recommending platforms that best suit those needs.

Manage Calls 24/7

Even if your business operates on a standard 9-5 schedule, there will still be times where your customers will want to reach out. With CCaaS, you can manage your calls 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Take control at any time with a platform that lets you remotely divert calls, assign skill-based routing, adjust IVRs, and so much more.

Cutting-Edge Technology

CCaaS platforms are 100% futureproofed, meaning you won’t have to upgrade to a new platform in a few years. As new technologies and innovations emerge, new updates are continually pushed to keep CCaaS platforms up to date with the latest features and advancements. No matter what changes occur, you can be assured you’ll always be on the cutting-edge.

Access Call Stats with Ease

It can be frustrating trying to keep track of everything and not having the important information you need to hand. The beauty of customer experience platforms is that they provide a feature-rich experience. Take advantage of real-time monitoring, recording, and analytics of your incoming calls, all from a single platform. And benefit from other great features too, such as fully customisable reporting and out-the-box integrations.

Whatever you need to do your job, it’s right there at your fingertips!

Quick & Easy Agent Control

With a CCaaS platform, you have a setup that’s adaptable to workplace and remote work environments. Employees can quickly and easily log in to the system anytime, anywhere and from any device. With no device- or geo-restrictions, you can easily build a truly global workforce capable of providing round-the-clock support.

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The very concept of customer experience platforms can be a little overwhelming for the uninitiated, and that’s where we come in. Techgrants will help you choose the right platform by offering honest, pragmatic advice and recommendations. We can assist you in a range of capacities, from choosing technologies and platforms that seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructure to deploying new platforms across multiple locations.

We work with small CX centres and large, multisite clients requiring vast multimedia capabilities. We offer entry-level applications as well as multi-agent, multimedia cloud-based solutions. Whatever your need, we have you covered. To find out more or book a demo, contact our team now on +44(0)20 3965 0341 or by email at

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