How does the Techgrants platform work?

Here at Techgrants

we believe it is our duty to be open and honest with all clients, as transparency is an asset we value above all else. This is the reason for which we’re happy to explain our process and provide details on how we operate. Organisations and IT Teams are able to approach us at any point in their procurement cycle to enjoy the benefits of our funding and shortlisting programme.

IT and procurement teams

from a variety of businesses and organisations utilise our platform as it allows them to make informed decisions on what communications vendor would be more suitable for their needs. The needs of each client differ, so we first consult with clients to outline their requirements and preferences. Once your needs have been established, we draw on the experience and skill of our friendly team of advisors, who are confident in their ability to help all companies.

The Techgrants team has been working

in the UCaaS and CCaaS industry for many years, and have developed a unique four stage shortlisting and funding process that includes the following steps:

1. Shortlisting
2. Introductions
3. Selection
4. Funding

All of the elements above can be enjoyed by our users individually on their own and organisations can come to us at any stage of their project cycle; we have outlined each step in more detail below. Learning more about each stage of our process will give you a better idea as to why we’re such a successful platform and how we’re able to help a wide range of industry clients.

Step One


Many clients will take note of recognisable names when looking for a new platform to switch over to. While the industry isn’t short of well-known vendors and popular platforms, it is still worth having a thorough search. It can be daunting the amount of time it takes to research multiple vendors thoroughly, but with us at Techgrants, this isn’t a lengthy process.

Our platform allows you to search using specific criteria that can be filtered to suit your needs. You will only be presented with vendors that meet your requirements. This swift and straightforward search process will allow you to identify and shortlist potential suppliers quickly and easily.

Step Two


Once a shortlist of suitable vendors has been identified, we will then move you on to the introductions stage. Here, our team will handle the organisation of initial meetings between you and potential suppliers to open up a dialogue. These meetings allow organisations to deep dive into more detail about their individual needs and engage with vendors in more in depth discussions. Our users will always contract and engage with their selected suppliers directly through their usual channels, though we are available as an extra point of contact if required.

Step Three


After an organisation has completed their relevant due diligence and completed any tendering or internal selection process we do not stand between you and the winning supplier. It is simply our role to ensure that we’re available for additional support if required, we fully support the internal processes of all our users.

As an independent platform, we take an impartial stance at all times, so there’s no reason for us to intervene in any aspect of your normal tendering process. Upon settling on your preferred vendor or partner, you’ll be contracting with them directly, ensuring a smooth transition.

Step Four


Once terms have been finalised and contracted with the new provider, Techgrants will fund up to 100% of any upfront implementation or deployment costs incurred; for free. We can do this thanks to our unique relationships with our vendors and by taking advantage of the existing Channel Partner Network, allowing us to consistently fund switches for our users. All our users will be made aware of how much we can cover prior to any signature, giving you piece of mind before making a final decision.

We are immensely proud of what we do; and are unique in our space as we are the very first platform able to offer this service. No catches or gotchas, simply a great platform to save money and time on UCaaS and CCaaS projects.

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How Do We Make Our Money?

Our services are completely free for you to use because our money comes from a recurring fee that we charge the winning provider. It doesn’t affect how much you pay, and you won’t get a better deal dealing direct.

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