Techgrants: Our Unique Business Model

Techgrants: Our Unique Business Model

At Techgrants, we’re revolutionising digital transformation and technology investment, with an innovative approach to helping every business unlock its true potential.
Our company is dedicated to helping organisations identify, compare, and shortlist vendors for every segment of their technology stack. We partner with some of the world’s top companies offering everything from contact centre (CCaaS) technology, to unified communications platforms (UCaaS) and connectivity services.

We can even help your business select the best security, cloud services, and managed service solutions for your ongoing transformation project. Plus, we’re always adding new vendors to our partner network, from businesses specializing in IoT, to Wi-Fi, Mobile, and expense management specialists.

If you’re wondering what Techgrants can do for you, here’s your complete guide to our business model, and the services, and solutions we can offer.

What is Techgrants? An Introduction

The Techgrants website is an all-in-one platform for research, vendor comparison, industry insight, and risk-free digital transformation funding. We aim to provide business leaders and teams with all the resources they need to power their future investment decisions, by combining unique market insights, with our proprietary comparison matrix, and digital transformation fund.

Over decades spent in the technology landscape, we’ve discovered just how difficult it can be for companies large and small to keep up with the breakneck pace of digital transformation. That’s why we built a comprehensive environment, specifically designed to help you not only make the right choices based on your business, needs, but finance your transformation efforts.

We offer more than just a comparison website. We want to produce the go-to resource for all business leaders seeking end-to-end guidance, industry reports, and specialist support. Although we partner with market-leading companies around the world, we take an objective approach to assisting teams with the search for the best technology.

After all, our core focus is on the business customer – company leaders looking for a way to stay ahead of the competition and navigate an increasingly complex digital space. We reduce the need for procurement and IT teams to invest in complex, disjointed, and drawn-out market research, by consolidating everything you need into one environment.

The Values that Drive Techgrants

Though Techgrants began with a focus on helping companies compare and evaluate vendors in the communications industry, we’ve since expanded to cover the whole digital transformation landscape. We work with leading cloud service providers, connectivity innovators, and security pioneers alike.

We believe in taking an independent, and vendor-agnostic approach to assisting our clients. We don’t attempt to push customers to any specific vendor. Instead, we offer an objective helping hand to all companies, allowing them to define their own priorities when making decisions.

The services we offer are completely free of charge, whether you’re working with us to shortlist vendors based on integrations, features, budgets, and more, or you need help negotiating contracts with your new supplier. We’re also always producing free resources, blogs, and guides to keep you up-to-date on the latest tech innovations.

Our comprehensive business processes are built on a few key values:

• Funding transformation: We know how difficult it can be to find funding for technology innovation, particularly in a difficult economy. Our risk-free, no-strings-attached transformation fund ensures companies can access the extra cash they need to facilitate growth. You can even use our calculator to determine how much funding you can access.
• Impartiality: Though we pride ourselves on our partnerships with exceptional technology companies, we still commit to delivering an objective and impartial service. Our advice is tailored to your specific needs, without bias. We consider the requirements of each company carefully, and deliver only the facts.
• Expertise: Sometimes every company needs a little extra support. Our team is always on hand to guide you through every stage of your digital transformation project. We can supply free resources and provide consultations with technology specialists. We’re also experts in building relationships between companies and vendors.
• Simplicity: Our goal is to help you save time and money, while ensuring you can continue to complete in a complex digital landscape. We adapt to your requirements, work with your existing procurement framework, and search for ways to streamline your path to growth. We’ll make every interaction with us as simple as possible.
• Trust: Techgrants would be nothing without the trust of both our partners and clients. We’re open, transparent, and honest through every stage of the comparison, procurement, and funding journey. We’ll never keep you in the dark, and we’re always committed to answering any questions you have as quickly and concisely as possible.

What We Do: Our Core Focus Areas

Over the years, the Techgrants business, and our website has evolved to address the ever-changing needs of businesses investing in growth. We’ve built this website to be your end-to-end solution for digital transformation support. With our help, you can:

Compare and Shortlist leading vendors

For years, we’ve been building relationships with some of the most innovative technology partners in the world. We’ve partnered with a host of different companies in various areas, ensuring we can not only help companies access unique deals, but also provide them with comprehensive funding.

You can search through each vendor in our partner collection, to learn more about their products and feature offerings, and check out our intuitive blogs for more information. Plus, our team members are on-hand to answer any questions you might have.

When the time comes to narrow down your options, our proprietary comparison matrixes make it easier to find the solution specific to your needs. You can instantly compare vendors based on factors like license cost, desktop requirements, term length, and required number of licenses. You can also filter through vendors, looking at everything from:

• Desired integrations
• Required features and options
• Microsoft Teams compatibility
• Data sovereignty and storage
• Compliance and security
• Minimum required SLAs
• Existing handsets and hardware
• Contracting and support requirements

You can even identify specific advanced modules and CRM integrations you’ll want to take advantage of when implementing new technology.

Access Industry Expertise, Insights and Custom Support

Any digital transformation project can be a complex and time-consuming process. That’s why we commit to curating all of the resources business leaders might need to make the right decision. Our website is home to blog posts, guides, free downloads, templates, and FAQs, as well as comprehensive news reports on tech trends and innovations.

We have a comprehensive case study library, where you can browse through customer stories connected to some of the top vendors in the market. Plus, we can offer customized support and specialist assistance to every company for free.

Our independent subject matter experts and consultants work with you to help you analyse the pros and cons of various technologies, based on your business goals. We can even work alongside you through every stage of the procurement process, making introductions, assisting with negotiation, and ensuring you get the best possible deal on your new technology.

Simple Digital Transformation Funding

In today’s uncertain economic environment, finding the financing you need to support your digital transformation project can be complex. That’s why, a couple of years ago, we designed the Techgrants Digital Transformation Fund.

This simple grant is available to all organisations searching for a way to reduce costs and expand their technology portfolio. There are no strings attached. All you need to do is work with Techgrants when purchasing a new solution from one of our partners.

Our transformation grant is funded by the commissions we receive as an objective technology partner and third-party consultant. In the last few years, we’ve provided free funding to 90% of all the digital transformation initiatives launched with the help of our team.

We also offer a handy funding calculator here, where you can learn more about potential funding options, and how much support you may be able to access, based on your requirements.

The Techgrants Digital Transformation Fund

Our Digital Transformation Fund is one of our proudest accomplishments here at Techgrants, and one of the most exciting parts of our business model for many clients. Offering a free form of financial support, the fund can pay for up to 100% of your new technology investments when you’re upgrading your UCaaS, CCaaS, cloud computing, security, or any other digital tools.

Every company that engages us when purchasing technology from one of our listed partners will automatically be eligible for this funding. Even if you’ve already initiated discussions with a potential vendor, you can apply funding retroactively to your project.

The financing we offer comes from the commissions available to the referral channel in the UK. We developed a unique strategy for bundling the commissions we receive so we can redistribute the additional cash as grant payouts for our loyal customers.

The funding you receive is entirely flexible, with no restrictions on how it should be spent. That means you can use the money to pay for everything from early exit fees, to new hardware, and even charitable donations. There’s also no upper limit on this funding. The exact amount you receive will depend on the solutions you purchase from one of our partner vendors. We’ll offer a customised insight into the funding you can get before you sign any contracts, so you can make an informed decision about which solution to choose.

Techgrants: Your Partner for Digital Transformation

Years of experience working in the technology landscape has given us a unique insight into just how complex digital transformation can be. That’s why we built the Techgrants business model around a single core focus: helping companies transition and choose their new technology.

No matter what kind of innovations you want to explore in your technology stack, we’re here to help. We’ll offer the tools, resources, expertise, and funding you need to make purchasing decisions that take your business to the next level.

Start using our comparison matrixes, resources, and guides today, or reach out to the Techgrants team for more one-to-one support from our experts.


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